Insolvency and Bankruptcy

We pass to our clients the benefits of our experience gained over the years that demonstrate our ability to find innovative ways of solving issues without increasing any commercial risk.

Our insolvency practice includes:

Legal Advice

  • on the insolvency of a company and legal consequences of insolvency


  • the request to open insolvency proceedings
  • the application for registration of claims
  • the appeal request to open insolvency proceedings
  • the appeal to the preliminary / definitive table of claims
  • the appeal to the administrator / liquidator ' report when they are infringed the rights of creditors / debtor
  • application on behalf of creditors to attract the liability of the management company

Representation of creditors/debtor in insolvency proceedings

Our depth of knowledge in this field has helped our clients to navigate through the turbulent situations and find sustainable solutions to their problems.