Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Our corporate & commercial attorney provide a wide range of corporate advisory and specialized assistance on companies' life from their incorporation to termination of their existence, the issues of quorum, the agenda for meetings of shareholders and the decisions of the Board of administration to writing various types of agreements necessary for the day-to-day business.

We provide legal advice and assistance in:

Incorporation of companies, nonprofit organizations (associations, foundations, federations, etc.

Organization and operation of companies and organizations:

  • Drafting of the internal regulations
  • Procedures for amending the articles of incorporation
  • Assistance in the meetings of statutory bodies
  • Maintenance of the relation with the public institutions/ authorities involved.

Changes that occur in the life of companies and organizations:

  • Increase / decrease of share capital
  • Mergers, spin-off, changes
  • Acquisition of assets of another company

Drafting and negotiating commercial contracts in accordance with the law in force.