Employment Law

Employment relationships can only be successful when so the employer and the employee understand to respect their rights and obligations.

Our employment practice group works closely with our clients to advice on all legal aspects regulating employer-employee relations.

Employment Law for Employers

Our lawyers provide to employers legal assistance on:

  • Drafting of due diligence the labor environment of the employer in terms of compliance to the complex regulations and the decrease of the specific risks
  • Drafting, implementing and managing comprehensive policy and legal documentation framework
  • Reviewing and improving procedures and employment policies
  • Advising upon structuring employment strategies
  • The representation of the clients in front of the Courts of Justice in Labor Law Litigation

Employment Law for Employees

We are also particularly experienced in representing the interests of the employees in relation with their employers and have obtained excellent results in the out of court settlement disputes raised under termination of the labor agreements upon the employer's initiative.