Pro Bono

All citizens deserve a voice and representation. And all lawyers, with their specialized skills, have an obligation to assist people and organizations that otherwise would have no access to the justice system.

We have embraced the Bucharest Bar Association’s challenge to law firms to commit 3 percent of their total firm wide billable hours to pro bono work, and we encourage our attorneys to contribute a significant percentage of their hours to pro bono work each year.

Our attorneys have a broad range of interests and political philosophies, and they are free to pursue their diverse interests within the guidelines of our pro bono program. These projects are often emotionally demanding and may even involve unpopular causes or clients. But they’re always rewarding.

Here’s a look at a few of our most compelling recent projects:

  • Assistance and representing a young mother in the dispute with the hospital where she gave birth in order to benefit a free treatment for the diseases arising as a result of medical errors and suing medical unit in order to compensate the damages suffered by the patient as a result of medical malpractice.
  • Assistance a senior lady with a minimum income in retirement with inheritance procedures triggered in court after death of her husband.
  • Assisting a group of clients in negotiations and court proceedings initiated against a important international bank which brought illegal clauses in the proposed Addendum to the Credit Contract considering the Romanian Government Decision 50/2010.
  • Assistance and representation of local community in proceedings brought before administrative and judicial authorities against a company that pollute water and soil near that locality.
  • Assistance of a minimum wage employee to terminate with his employer amicably after several tense situations labor contract signed by both parties.
  • Assistance to political refugees in Romania to obtain political refugee status.
  • Other many cases where people without income and low income received professional counsel.