Our company offer in management and implementation of EU funded projects

Our company offers assistance in management and implementation of EU funded projects, providing its clients assistance and related services directly related to the design, procurement and implementation of projects financed with European funds and related services.

In order to obtain the best possible results in this field, our company operates with several external partners and collaborators who work in the interests of its clients with a great responsibility and professionalism.

In management and implementation of project, our company offers professional advice to its clients deploying the following activities:

Our company provides customers, partners with a range of related services and management of one implementation of projects financed with European funds, among which:

1. Providing resources for financing a project.

The project creator must obtain co-financing because the projects are financed in part from the EU funds. Our company will provide you specialized assistance in preparation of loan documents and supporting in front of representatives of credit institutions to find the best solution in order to obtain financing of the project.

We will identify loan advantageous conditions and we will apply together with the client for obtaining the financing of the project.

2. Guaranteeing loans and investments made

In case it is necessary to guarantee loans obtained for the financing of the project, our company will assist in ensuring their process by associating Guarantee Funds: (i) FNIMM and FGCR in case you are a private or legal person (ii) the Romanian state through MF, if you are a legal person of public law, not to block the company's assets as collateral for loans obtained.