• Presenting of the funding programs
  • Identify business opportunities and solutions
  • Review applicant eligibility and establishment of investment objectives


  • Business plans
  • Financial analysis (cost-benefit)
  • Studies of (pre) feasibility
  • Market Research
  • Strategies markrting
  • Requests for funding


  • File of the response to letters which request additional information
  • Drafting of the Grant project and all its attachments
  • Consulting contract signed financing framework
  • Assistance in the field of public procurement procedures carried out before applying for funding
  • Assistance in the areas of public procurement procedures carried out after signing the financing contract
  • Project management services during of the implementation of project
  • Assistance in drafting documents related to the execution of reimbursement
  • Information and Publicity
  • Drafting claims payment
  • Financial and technical solutions during the project
  • Progress and final reports